"Socrates was the first to show that at all times and in every place, in everything that happens to us,
daily life gives us the opportunity to do philosophy." – Plutarch


Philosophical Practice

Using the tools of philosophy – reason, reflection, examination – to address the questions, choices, and dilemmas that life presents. [more information]

Specialized Help

Couples Counseling

Marriage Counseling

Life Coaching [more information]

Writer's Block [more information]

Philosophical Editing

An analysis of your writing with a view to deepening its argument, clarifying its main ideas, and perfecting its language. Thorough and encouraging. [more information]


Because I believe philosophical counseling should be affordable to people within a wide range of income, I follow the American Philosophical Association in offering a sliding scale based on 0.1% of your annual household income. This is $10 for every $10,000 earned, before taxes, rounded up to the nearest $10.

For an individual, the rate is between $80 and $300 per session; for couples, the rate is between $160 and $400.

To estimate what you would pay, figure out your gross household income, which is the combined income of you and a spouse or committed partner before taxes, including all forms of income (i.e. wages, salaries, commissions, bonuses, alimony, royalties, etc.).

Then calculate 0.1% of this number and round up to the nearest 10. For example, one hundred thirty-six thousand ($136,000) becomes one hundred thirty-six ($136) and is rounded up to one hundred forty ($140).

If your household income varies significantly from year to year, we can work out an equitable fee together.

Anyone who prefers not to use the scale may pay $300 per session or $400 for a couple.