"We are so accustomed to the old opposition of reason versus passion, spirit versus life,
that the idea of passionate thinking, in which thinking and aliveness become one, takes us somewhat aback."
– Hannah Arendt

Life Coaching

Life Coaching is for you if you are attempting to bring into being what is most important to you. It is also especially valuable for those in transition – from recent graduates to empty-nesters. The process of coaching helps you discover (or rediscover) your dreams and goals, then assists you in implementing ways to turn those dreams into reality. You may be trying to decide on a new career, or are striving to balance work and family life. Perhaps you are a creative artist – a painter, poet, or musician – looking for a breakthrough; or you are hoping to become a successful entrepreneur. Maybe you are a doctoral student determined to write a ground-breaking dissertation. Whatever your goals, ambitions, and dreams, I can help you negotiate the steps needed to overcome obstacles and chart a path to success.

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