"The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts." – Marcus Aurelius

Philosophical Counseling

Think clearly.   Feel good.   Live well.

Life presents us all with profound questions, difficult choices, and puzzling dilemmas. Conventional psychotherapy tackles these issues by delving into the emotional life. In philosophical counseling, we appeal to reason, looking carefully and critically at the ideas and assumptions that are behind the choices you make. Using the Socratic approach of questioning, I help you think more clearly and cogently about the values, beliefs, and ethical framework that shape your worldview.

Whether you are wrestling with a career choice or an ethical dilemma, are mired in an unsatisfactory relationship or feeling stuck in a general sense of unhappiness, we can work together—using the principles of reasoning developed by philosophers—to clear the way for positive change.

Philosophy—the love of wisdom—is today most often thought of as an academic endeavor, studied for its own sake and far removed from the concerns of everyday life. But academic philosophy is not the same as the practice of philosophy itself. Whenever we attempt to think carefully, with an open mind, about how to live the best life possible, examine what is important to us, struggle to clarify our actions, or seek to unearth hidden assumptions or beliefs, we are practicing philosophy in its original and most important sense.


My practice includes individual counseling, couples counseling, and marriage counseling.

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